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October 31, 2017
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December 11, 2017

Altaif Credit card, Gift cards, Standard cards, and Premium cards. Cards have different spending levels and features.

Since the establishment of our company, our customers are our friends. We encourage our customers to get involved in providing ideas and comments for any of our expansion plans or any of the services that we provide to reach the desired goals and to meet customers needs.

Altaif offers Card is a prepaid card that has the best solution and first of its kind for our customers. If you want to carry your money easily, safely. The Credit Card is best choice during travel.

You can use the card at more than 29 million shop all over the world including shopping online, pay mastercard wages, airline tickets or any other services that accepts payment by Mastercard. The card is available with the US Dollar and can be purchased in various denominations and and currencies.

We provide a center for customer service in the event of your need for the inquiry or assistance, please contact directly the customer service numbers on the back of the card. The Altaif Credit Card is the best solution for all electronic payment.